09 November 2019

Olena Piskun, CAO of Ukrflora and MIM-Kyiv Pre-MBA “Finance Management” program graduate said about her experience at the program. She and her classmates were awarded the certificates for successful completion of the Pre-MBA “Finance Management” program.

Finance Management programs are arguably one of the most difficult programs because they require professional background. “The program content is quite complicated. But I am proud to award our certificates to very fine financiers who mastered a lot of managerial skills,” Dr. Volodymyr Danko, program director mentioned at the awarding ceremony.

Igor Cherepkov, commercial director and program graduate said that he started to apply his knowledge from the very beginning by calculating ROI.

“It was my first experience with tertiary education. I have learnt so much. It was a fantastic experience but it is not enough. Currently, I consider taking Pre-MBA Business program,” Anastasia Zhelikhovska, the general manager of the hospital and program graduate said.

“My friends sort of forced me to take the program,” Polina Bura, an entrepreneur shared her experience. “I was rather sceptical because I have quite a record of attending different pieces of training and seminars. I know that it is much quicker sort out new regulatory rules than go to seminars on them. But this program is completely different. When you need to find any solution, it is critical to identify the problem. Such identification requires systemic approaches. It is an excellent program which helps you develop those approaches and changes you completely.”

“I met a lot of people who are constantly learning. I know that the older the people, the more difficult studying are for them. But here I saw so many people who are constantly learning. It is very inspiring. I am a certified participant of a financial market. Thus, I must take different seminars and trainings. Pre-MBA “Financial Management” program is much more enriching than all the seminars I’ve attended because it helps to develop a vision and widen the horizons. Finding solutions under any circumstances is the best lesson I’ve learnt at the program,” Olena Piskun, CAO of Ukrflora said at the graduation.