10 June 2021

Vsevolod Zelenin, MIM-Kyiv visiting professor strongly believes in that. He discussed his approach with the participants of the EBA (European Business Association) closed meeting that was held within the Online GetInTouch networking event. He paid special attention to social intelligence in business. 

He made several points:

- Social intelligence means that a person can handle real-life situations. Personal and companies’ social lifts are often the result of social intelligence. Coaching is instrumental in the development of social intelligence;

- Our research proves that insufficient social intelligence of businesses’ leadership results in crisis. Not all can solve their problems. The crisis does not exist but disruption does. 

- For some people any challenge is a loss, for others, it is an opportunity. Weak thinkers must not be managers, even line managers, because they provoke crisis;

- Self-leadership, top executives’ strategies, and key employee strategies are critical for the development of organizational social intelligence. Socially intelligent companies often develop new winning market strategies.