07 June 2021

At the long-postponed convocation more than 60 graduates were awarded their MBA diplomas. “You are always welcomed here,” Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova said in her welcome address to the newly joined members of the MIM-Kyiv eight thousand alumni community. “Your degree is a fresh start for your personal and or joint successes. You are smart, strong, and aspiring to do so.” 

Executives and entrepreneurs understand the value of the degree. That’s why they coped with the challenge of dedicating two years of their busy lives to the MIM-Kyiv MBA program. 

“I have often asked our candidates about the reasons for taking programs at MIM-Kyiv,” Dr. Lina Khasan-Bek, professor of finance said. “The answers mentioned knowledge, development, building on the experience just to mention a few. I have always been asking myself what makes you invest so much time and money in hard work. I think it is because of the human touch. We are interested in you, and you are interested in us. It is genuine mutual interest and probably curiosity that creates MIM-Kyiv’s environment so attractive.”

Mykhailo Kukhar, MIM-Kyiv MBA 2007 and professor wished new MBAs to grab the opportunities: “All the analysts speak about one of the economically best decades in the world history. I wish you to make the most of it. You are well equipped with knowledge, skills, and ambition.”

Artem Henzel, founder of the Fox Lingerie brand shared his opinion of the MBA program: “I am proud to join the MIM-Kyiv alumni community. Due to MIM-Kyiv I widened my horizons and expanded my business. We have entered the markets of Dubai in the UAE, Chicago, and New York in the USA, and Baku in Azerbaijan. Studying at MIM-Kyiv is like receiving the injection of the knowledge and skills applicable anywhere. I practice what I’ve learned in promoting my business. We don’t have a recipe but rather a body of knowledge that helps you to sort out the most unexpected situations.”

Olga Kozlenko, Boeing Ukraine spoke about her experience: “I wanted to expand my network of contacts. I was happy to learn a lot of new things and find answers to my many questions. My takeaway consists of eternal values: new friendships and new knowledge. Learning is a life-long process that keeps us up with the pace of life.”