Gamification Is the Name of the Game

26 April 2019

MIM presents new features of its corporate programs.

 Dr. Oleksit Vynogradov, MIM’s vice president, Dr. Olena Kyrianova and Ms. Valentyna Demianienko, MIM’s faculty presented corporate programs new developments aimed at bettering the programs’ outcomes.

“All our corporate programs are tailor-made and are underpinned by the diagnosis of companies’ needs. Those programs usually feature different types of activities such as simulations, consulting projects, cases, etc.,” Oleksiy said.

All those activities are based on the companies’ challenges. Programs usually end up with presentation of the projects which solve the problems to the boards consisting of companies’ representatives and MIM’s professors.

However, usage of computer games makes MIM’s corporate programs different. Those games are computer simulations which help master managerial decision making skills. Currently, MIM has 4 of such games in its portfolio: FLIGBY, Management Game, MarkStrat і Everest.

FLIGBY is the newest one. Dr. Zoltan Buzadi from the Central European University in Hungary described the game as a management style remedy. “Young people leave companies if they do not like managerial techniques there. Middle management lacks instruments which could help them cope with younger generation. We offer digital to manage youngsters,” Zoltan said.

FLIGBY is an international simulation played all over the world. Therefore, participants could measure themselves against their peers from international population. Moreover, the game results could be used for managerial decision making and monitoring employees’ professional development.