New Ideas for New Business Leaders

21 May 2019

The pre-MBA “Management & Leadership” class finished their studies and joined MIM’s alumni community. The graduates stressed out very positive learning experience and said that the program exceeded their expectations.

“This class was interested in assessing themselves as leaders, mastering leadership skills, and applying them in a real-life situation. Strategic management and project management were yet other areas of interest,” Oleksandr Sudarkin, the program director says.

New graduates shared their impressions about the program:

Valentyna Luzhina, head of transportations, Otokoç Ukraine LLC

I learned new things even about the areas I’d already known or thought I’d known. I started applying the new knowledge especially negotiating and HR management from the very beginning. It works. Due to Olena Yuzkova and Natalia Pavlova, I now understand people’s minds better. That helped me to reshuffle my team. Following my studies, I am looking for the right people for the right job and it improves my team’s performance.

Oleg Dobranchuk, head of sales department, PROXIMA RESEARCH

The program helped to structure my knowledge, skills and experience. I was impressed by the course in conflicts. Due to the knowledge acquired at the project management course, we prioritized our activities at work. The course on virtual teams management was the most revealing. I have never thought about doing things like that. But now I am considering the opportunities.

Memet Kangiev, manager for the Cultural Heritage Fund

I have more than 40 years of experience. Due to the program, I looked at it from a different angle. I re-assessed my opportunities, helped develop the vision based on my achievements and failures. I spent most of my career in the old system. Doing a program so modern helped me to better operate in the new world. Learning the latest trends in finance, marketing and leadership were very instrumental. I have already started applying the advice of Oleksandr Sudarkin and Olena Yuzkova.

Oleksandr Panasuk, Олександр Панасюк, компанія «7 CEH»:

I was the most interested in the instruments for growing my business and in networking. Due to the program, I have new ideas for expanding my sales force, improving team performance, etc. I am thinking of taking the full MBA program at MIM-Kyiv.