Pavlo Daniman, marketing director of the Kyivstar, leading Ukrainian cellular operator and MIM-Kyiv graduate delivered a guest lecture to SE MBA students

23 October 2020

He shared his opinion on COVID-19 related challenges and their solutions. In particular, he described the right pricing, ecosystem in place, and personalization as three main pillars of Kyivstar’s marketing. Subscription is another important driver of revenues. Instead of price wars, the company differentiates its services.

“We develop an additional product ecosystem for both corporate and individual customers. Our offers range from home internet and online TV to cloud solutions and big data products. We also try to personalize our offerings based on consuming patterns. It improves the customers’ experience and our performance,” Pavlo told the class.

For MIM-Kyiv the lecture was an interesting experience of full-scale blended learning when some students were present in the classroom whereas the others attended the lecture online. Due to the technologies, both groups could discuss things and be interactive.

Although Pavlo mostly talked about marketing in the ICT sector, his experience is applicable to the other industries as well. All students found his lecture very inspiring.