14 December 2020

Throughout 2020 MIM-Kyiv has been very creative in drafting the response to the global challenges. The unorthodox approach resulted in such a successful and recognized program as GNR.NEXT. Launching Crafting Business Makers School (CBMS) jointly with the Handicraft Chamber of Ukraine and the WeCreate digital platform was the answer to the current and future challenges. The CBMS is a program for craftspeople, designers, etc., aimed at helping them to start and develop their businesses. 

“Blending creativity and business approach to launch successful operations is the concept of the program. We will help our students to understand who are their customers, how to manage customers, how to cope with finances, etc. In other words, we are helping our students to master skills critical for running a business. Our faculty, the most reputable craftsmen, and mentors from different industries will teach at the program”, – Olena Kirianоva, MIM-Kyiv professor and the CBMS director explained.

Maryna Popovych, the chairwoman of the Handicraft Chamber and MIM-Kyiv MBA said: “We believe that craftsmanship is an industry and needs to be treated as an industry on the one hand, and it is a very creative phenomenon in its own right on the other hand. We strive to transform the crisis into opportunities and match the creativity by business approach. MIM-Kyiv is the only reliable partner because it changes the mindset. It is also the school recognized outside of Ukraine.”

Digital is critical for doing any business. The WeCreate platform is the place to promote the crafts industry. Elizaveta Mуroshnychenko, MIM-Kyiv alum is in charge of the platform. She is also the secretary-general of the secretary Handicraft Chamber. She said: “WeCreate is the door open to those who want to interact with colleagues, build the successful business out of the creative activities and those who support the crafts. All manufacturers are welcome to register, get their Craft-ID, and enjoy all the opportunities of the platform.”

The crafts industry may become one of the economic drivers of the national economy.
MIM-Kyiv hopes that the school will help to unlock the potential.