Regulators’ Inspections: Is it Still That Bad?

24 November 2016

Ukraine is notorious for regulators’ inspections. What was going on that area and the new deregulation developments were in the focus of the discussion between Mr. Olexiy Honcharuk, the head of the Better Regulation Delivery Office and Ms. Ksenia Lapina, the Chairwoman of the National Deregulation Committee. The meeting was caused by the Verkhovna Rada’s (Parliament) extension of the Ban on Business Inspections until 31/12/2017 and adoption of the new laws on liberalization of business regulators’ activities and reform of business regulators’ control.

Against all the expectations the discussion was heated. Representatives of numerous manufacturers’ associations were actively against saying that fraud is going to exceed any reasons. However, most of the discussion participants agreed that it was very positive and important development because for most of entrepreneurs the word “inspection” is similar to the word “bribe”. The discussion ended up in agreement that less inspections means better business environment. Furthermore, the speakers explained the new opportunities resulting from the new legislation.

Altogether the meeting was a good step on the way of the private-public dialogue which is absolutely critical for successful economic development in Ukraine. As it has become a tradition, MIM-Kyiv’s platform has become a place to hear and be heard for both business people and public sector.