Fall Intake of Pre-MBA Program Starts

30 October 2017

In late October Pre-MBA class of more than 50 students started the school. This time it is a very diverse group of people representing all Ukrainian major cities, practically all industries and companies ranging from start-up to big established corporations.

Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova, the MIM President welcomed the new students. She said, “We cannot secure your easy ride after the school but we can and will equip you with the skills and knowledge critical for success in today’s world.”

Dr. Olexiy Vynogradov, the VP mentioned that all new students joined the big and friendly community closely knitted together. “Most of you will not only make new friends but also forge new and beneficial business partnerships,” Dr. Vynogradov said.

Prof. Max Goltsberg advised the new students to keep their focus on what is important for them. According to Prof. Goltsberg, it is not only the way to make the most of the studies in MIM but also critical for the future business successes.