01 November 2021

The New Pre-MBA Business class kicked off. The nine-month-long program has similar to the MBA structure and is aimed at mastering the fundamentals of management.

- We are doing our best to offer quality business education here, at home. MIM-Kyiv faculty have vast practical experience because they are board members, advisors, or entrepreneurs. Their down-to-earth practical approach makes our programs special. We believe that practical experience and peers’ discussions create value and help master new knowledge and skills, Oleksandr Sudarkin, MBA program director said.

Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM-Kyiv president, and Oleksii Vynogradov, MIM-Kyiv’s Vice President welcomed the new students. They are currently in Tajikistan where they are running the project of business education development.

- Business curriculums consist of rather short courses. They help to develop a comprehensive understanding of business like a puzzle game. Pre-MBA Business offers modules on analysis, systematization, management, and decision-making. All courses are about the information that managers should be looking for, who should manage those data, and how to make managerial decisions based on that information. Those who make decisions are responsible for implementation, Prof. Tykhomyrova told the new students in her welcome.

- This program content is changing constantly but the underlying idea remains the same: you should be able to see the business with an entrepreneur’s eyes. Not only will you be able to draw up a business plan, but to understand how your plan affects the return of investments, income creation, etc. You will also be practicing what we teach from the very first day of your studies, Oleksii Vynogradov explained.

For some students, it is not the first program. Olga Tsarenkova, head of corporate business for SYNEVO medical laboratories chain takes the third program at MIM-Kyiv.

- For the first time, I took PMD “Marketing” program in 2009. After that, I participated in the corporate program. Now I am taking a more generalist program that helps me understand the medical business as a whole. I have some presentation, marketing, and sales competencies. But I need a more comprehensive approach.

Yevhen Tarasenko, a commercial and management consultant for the Business Security Group decided to start his business education journey from the Pre-MBA Business program.

-I came here for an understanding of business fundamentals and to apply that knowledge. I also think about changing my career and hope I’ll decide after or during the program. Improving my network is very important for any career. Besides, learning new things is such fun!