01 October 2021

The latest MIM-TV episode was dedicated to the NFT token investments. Anna K., the youngest nominee of the FORBES 30 UNDER 30, fashion designer and co-founder of the Fashion Coin / Proof-of-Love and Kazbek Bekturnusov, DeFi, and NFT angel investor, co-founder of the Proof-of-Love, the first NFT-based social network shared their insights in this episode.

Anna K., the co-founder of the Fashion Coin / Proof-of-Love

“NFT tokens are arguably the latest development in contemporary art and investment practices. NFT is a digital image of an art object which is linked to the blockchain at a certain value. The value is instantly reflected in the blockchain. Thus, it is impossible to fake it. The provenance of the art is included there. That makes the NFT token a collectible. For young artists, designers, etc. it is a convenient monetizing vehicle. You can crowdfund during the show. For example, we are conducting a young fashion designers competition. They are making tokens of their sketches, sell them and thus raise money for manufacturing the apparel.”

Kazbek Bekturnusov, DeFi and NFT angel investor, co-founder and CEO of the Proof-of-Love

“Digital world is here. We are spending 5 – 6 hours on the internet. It has its cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, etc. Digitalization turned GIFs or photos into art. And the digital world is generating a digital economy. It has its crypto money, and it has an increasing number of its digital things. You can’t avoid NFT investment unless you are ready to miss out.”

Oleksii Kolomoyets, NFT art collector, digital art shows curator, NFT financial design consultant.

“NFT is a digital thing with the provenance. Blockchain technology which is hacking resistant creates the value of the NFT. It is very similar to cryptocurrency.”