30 November 2021

Long-term efficiency is the latest global trend. Organizations ranging from businesses to charities are trying various approaches to reach long-term performance without abusing the resources. Kaizen is one of the best answers to the challenge of such efficiency. Vitaly Tsopa, MIM-Kyiv professor of operational management and expert in international standardization, and Serhii Datsun, board member of the Association TAS Group discussed how Kaizen methodology works in Ukraine. 

In Vitalii Tsopa's opinion, systemic approach performance management not to mention the efficiency is non-existent in Ukraine. However, it is the only way to succeed long-term. 

 - Ukrainians do not pay enough attention to the issues related to efficiency and productivity. According to the World Bank report 2017, the GDP per capita grew by 350% worldwide, by 270% in Europe, and only by 5% in Ukraine. We at MIM-Kyiv run courses on business efficiency improvement. We believe that understanding of those issues is critical for career advancement because the skills related to environmentalism, efficiency, and CSR play a growing role for businesses. Some believe that those issues will be in the spotlight for the nearest 20 – 30 years, some scholars believe that it is for the nearest 400 years to come. 

Serhii Datsun shared his experience of Kaizen implementation into the non-manufacturing industry. It makes his practical knowledge unique. 

 - I am sure that any CFO should know how to manage processes because they understand the economic value of that management. Kaizen is more than just counting money. The value of time spent on the process is the key. 

Serhii told everybody that process mapping is a good starting point for Kaizen implementation. After that, it becomes clear which processes could be accelerated, what could be put together, and which could be canceled. Mapping improves efficiency. Creating the “Dream Process Map” is also helpful as people usually start moving to their dreams and use all the accessible innovations on their way. Serhii advises being attentive to people’s suggestions when finding a way to design and implement the Dream Process Map as well. Some crazy ideas may bring disruptive innovations.