Managing Virtual Teams Course

28 March 2019

Olga Svyrydenko, teacher engagement manager at Microsoft Company will deliver her innovative course in virtual teams management to MIM’s Pre-MBA students. She talks to us about her course.

-  What are the aims of your course?

First of all, it is extremely practice-oriented course aimed at mastering the skills of managing virtual teams. Virtualization often amplifies what is going on – bottlenecks are getting narrower whereas strong teams perform at a higher level. In any case, we all have already joined either formal or informal virtual teams. Therefore, I pay special attention to the techniques of dealing with virtual teams and success indicators.  

-  What are the expected outcomes of your course?

Firstly, we will classify virtual teams, existing managerial techniques and their application to different types of teams, and develop our knowledge and skills database based on real-life successes and fails.

- What are the indicators of “success”?

The students will learn what works and what does not work and learn how to tell the difference.