01 July 2022

MIM-Kyiv launches updated Pre-MBA programs this autumn. The novelties are focused on immediate intellectual needs and the best delivery modes. 

The modifications were launched in spring to meet the new needs of those who applied before the large-scale war. The situation changed drastically, many had to relocate businesses, flee abroad, etc. That’s why the programs moved are delivered online and the content was upgraded to reflect the new challenges. 

- Our updated curriculums have the nucleus. We believe that managers from across functions need to have a sound knowledge foundation. Our “nucleus” covers those fundamentals. We also included elements that are critical in wartime. We are discussing the CSR issues because there are many social or military-related projects that need funding from businesses. Electives will cover provide functional specialization, Oleksiy Vynogradov, MIM-Kyiv Vice-President says.

Pre-MBA “Management and Leadership” and “Business Analysis” will start this autumn. “M&L” is designed for those who need to master or hone their team-building skills. Courses on personal effectiveness and managerial psychology are complemented by cross-cultural management to help people better adapt to the foreign environment.

Pre-MBA “Business Analysis” cover hard skills. This program focuses on business processes, various types of analysis, appraisal, tax planning, and strategy.

Pre-MBA “Business” strikes balance between hard and soft skills.

Each program curriculum includes business simulations that integrate theory and practice. Students will write business plans for the real-life business case or personal management development plans for the final assessment.

- Survival and development are the main managerial challenges. Business people are doing their best to keep teams, change business processes, cut costs, restructure logistics and find new customers. We will respond to all those issues by teaching fundamentals, having appropriate guest speakers, discussing cases, and using simulations for practice, Oleksii Vynogradov said.