19 October 2021

As part of the Eduniversal annual conference, Iryna Tykhomyrova shared MIM’s recipe of growth during the Coffee Talks session on “How still to grow in this challenging time”. Dr. Virginijus KUNDROTAS, Dean of Adizes Graduate School (USA), President of Baltic Management development Association BMDA, Scientific committee member of Eduniversal, and Dr. Dalius MISIUNAS, President, ISM University of management and economics joined her in the discussion. 

Newness is MIM-Kyiv’s latest theme. New products, new markets, and new inspiration have become the school’s answer to the turbulence of the current world. 

Facing The Future. Inspiration held on October 1 continued the line of the international educational forums started in 2019. Then, Noah Yuval Harari was a headliner of the event for nearly a thousand mostly offline participants. In 2020, the truly international Forum with 800 participants from all over the world attending the event online featured Dr. Michael Porter as a keynote speaker. 

“In 2021 inspiration, internal resources, resilience were the focal points of discussion about future challenges. Art is always a good answer. Art and education have a lot in common. They shape the future right now with the result obtainable in the future,” Iryna Tykhomyrova said. The art of business and the business of art were key elements of the event. 

MIM entered a new market in Tajikistan and exports knowledge. In spring MIM-Kyiv launched the program for State Investment Agency “Tajinvest” and State Export Agency of Tajikistan. The programs evolved in a full-time Exporters’ School. 

Iryna Tykhomyrova also presented a new International Leadership Program that is planned to be launched in May 2022. It is a unique program aimed at honing leadership and teamwork skills through yachting in Turkey. 

“Learning by doing is the main approach applied in the program. What is learned in the classroom is immediately put into practice through sailing. The participants can master the newest leadership theory and immediately put it into practice. Besides, the ability to lead and follow is another important competence to be mastered,” Iryna TYkhomyrova said. For more detail visit: https://events.mim.kyiv.ua/yachts