MIM Supports Public Health Reform

11 June 2018

The MIM Business School hosted the training for primary physicians conducted by the Health Platform Civic Organization earlier in June. This event was yet another activity aimed at the support of the public health structural reform in Ukraine.

The three-day seminar covered administration, its legal support, IT application, and healthcare services marketing. The training was very important as all healthcare professionals must master the new attitudes towards their everyday activities to succeed or even survive the public health reform. Communicating is critical for the success. “Successful communication with patients will differentiate good physician from the bad one,” Dr. Oleksiy Vynogradov, MIM’s VP said. “If our doctors want to be financially viable they will have to manage their reputations and continuously improve their skills.”

The training is followed by the development of the new online course available for all Ukrainian physicians. “Our program is designed to assist healthcare professionals in getting skills and instruments necessary for launching their own medical practices, and providing them with the platform to share experience and support each other,” Tymofiy Badikov, the Health Platform Chairman mentioned. “It is our contribution to the public health reform and better health of all of us.”

The training participants are supposed to apply and disseminate the acquired knowledge and skills among the professional community and thus help their colleagues to adapt to the new reality. “Such training programs are securing the sector reform success. It is a good way to create a team of change agents,” Mariana Iskiv, a pediatrician from Lviv who participated in the training.

The training is the first undertaking of a partnership forged with the Health Platform Civic Organization in order to support public health reform.