01 December 2020

This year`s class of the M&L (management and leadership) pre-MBA program was the first to do Peer Presentation, the renewed format of presenting final projects. Students were presenting their projects in groups of two. But before telling about the projects, participants were introducing each other to the audience as change agents.

Oleksandr Sudarkin, M&L program director said: “First of all, the program is filled with individual assignments so, finding the way of mixing people was critical. Secondly, broadening the view, and a better understanding of different industries was another gain. To present their partners properly, the students had to learn more about their businesses and industries.”

In addition, the students are more responsible when they prepare presentations in pairs.

“Talking about yourself is much easier than presenting the other person. People take a more responsible approach not to let their partners down. Mastering listening skills and enhancing our understanding of other people’s behaviors and motivations are another advantage of such format”, – Natalia Pecherska, managing partner of the INEK Consulting headhunting service and M&L program graduate explained.

Finding new formats and grabbing new opportunities have always been MIM-Kyiv’s forte. Nowadays, when innovation is the key to survival following the tradition of novelty is the school’s way to thrive.