21 September 2021

MIM-Kyiv delivered a tailor-made program for managers of the Forester, the largest FMCG distributor from Kyrgyzstan. It is the first program designed and delivered for the company from Central Asia. 

- The expected results may not be seen at once. Although it is important to be able to apply what you have learned from the very beginning, triggering your personal development with a long-lasting impact on your lives is even more significant. We appreciate the trust of the Forester. You are the first who received the certificates with the BGA accreditation sign, Iryna Tykhomyrova said in her welcome speech.

Volodymyr Papirin, the commercial director of the Forester thanked MIM-Kyiv for the program. He said that it was a good beginning for the long-term cooperation. 

Most students said that studying at MIM-Kyiv helped them to discover a lot of new things and see familiar things from different angles. 


Talai Jankuzov, manager of the Forester in the Southern Region

I liked the idea about risks as losses. We have always done our best to increase volume and distribution but have never thought about the consequences of risks. That’s why I am changing the way I manage as soon as I get back home. The idea of motivation was also very new for me. I have always believed that stick and carrot or fines and bonuses are the best motivators. Now I am thinking about my role in motivating people. 

Irina Chernova, financial director of the Forester

I loved both the content and delivery. Although it was not very easy, we are going to apply what we’ve learned. We are having a 5-year strategic session soon and we are going to use all our new knowledge. I was surprised to learn that money did not motivate people. We always discussed bonuses as motivation. However, indifference is the worst thing to expect from employees. That gives us a lot of food for thought. I think that we are on the verge of substantial transformation after the program. 

Meerim Salimova, head of HR department at the Forester 

The content met my expectations as I obtained the knowledge that I needed for my work. I am new to the company, and I am happy that I could verify my new plans. The program will help me to reach my personal goals and goals of the company.