MIM-Kyiv and the Global 100% RE platform announced the launch of the joint Energy Discussion Platform

20 December 2019

Vitaly Gaiduk, Chairman of the MIM-Kyiv Board, Oleksandr Dombrovsky, Chairman of the Global 100% RE Ukraine, and Iryna Tykhomyrova, President of the MIM-Kyiv presented the new discussion platform for energy issues. The main aim of the Energy Discussion Planform activities is to promote renewable energy and engage the public into the discussion.  

The launch event brought together more than 200 energy experts. Real-life cases and legal and regulatory tools of shifting to green energy were the focal points of the discussion. The agenda of the event included three presentations by:

The participants actively discussed the most pending issues of the Ukrainian traditional energy market transformation, namely energy accumulation, storage and balancing markets. The participants shared the plans of energy storage construction and its influence on the system of balancing in the energy market. Representatives of the KNESS and MHP Eco-Energy talked about their visions of and practical initiatives in renewable energy.

Vitaly Gaiduk, Chairman of the MIM-Kyiv Board

Having people who believe in the shift to the 100% clean energy in Ukraine gives hope. Those people joined the Global 100 % RE Ukraine. Today we are having our first join meeting as the Energy Discussion Platform by discussing energy storage issues in Ukraine. It is a very timely discussion because financial incentives are important but not enough. The shift takes different approaches to energy policies. Participants of the Davos Forum 2020 will discuss the Stakeholders’ Capitalism, a completely new idea of capitalism. That approach may become the new energy model. Our discussion proves that we need to learn to act as stakeholders when it comes to energy because nobody owns the truth. 

Oleksandr Dombrovsky, Chairman of the Global 100 % RE Ukraine:

The world is changing at accelerating speed. It is high time to ask ourselves whether the direction is right. “Dirty” world is moving quickly towards the catastrophe caused by global warming. Fossil fuel drives 60% of the negative global trends. 

The Global 100% RE Ukraine objective is to transform the Ukrainian energy sector into 100% renewable one. However, the energy sector which hopefully will “turn green” is a constituent of the Ukrainian overall economy. Therefore, we cannot discuss clean energy without discussing innovations and the latest global trends. 

We need to implement the newest energy storage technologies and smart grid technologies. We need a new and innovative energy system. We could do so with the help of knowledge, experience, and technologies. That’s why MIM-Kyiv became the first partner of the Global 100% RE Ukraine platform. That’s why we launched the Energy Discussion Platform. We are aiming at the boosting up technologies and applications of the energy accumulation, energy storage, balancing and stabilization of the Ukrainian energy system.

Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM-Kyiv President

Societal development is underpinned by education and knowledge generation. Energy is a true foundation of national economies. Our economic foundation needs transformation. Energy system balancing is getting more and more important. Understanding the challenges of responsible economic, energy and environmental policies is critical. Our Energy Discussion Platform, an open meeting point is created by MIM-Kyiv and Global 100% RE Ukraine is designed to discuss, develop and hone visionary strategies, new business models, technology solutions and innovations in Ukrainian energy sector transformation. Having so many prominent experts who are addressing clean energy issues proves the importance of our undertaking.