MIM Business School is Ranked #1 Ukrainian School

10 November 2017

EDUNIVERSAL, international ranking agency recognized MIM top business school in Ukraine.

The MIM Business School is delighted to announce that EDUNIVERSAL ranking agency recognized MIM the best business school in Ukraine and awarded 4 PALMES OF EXCELLENCE ( the top business school with significant international influence) for the second year in a row.

Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova explained the importance of the international rankings, “Firstly, applicants who are choosing the right school need rankings. Employers selecting among job seekers pay attention to the ranging of the degree awarding schools. Potential partners, especially international ones take into account rankings when launching joint projects. You cannot do business, land a job or forge the right partnership without considering international rankings even when you are operating in the domestic market not to mention the global marketplace.

When international businesses are thinking about entering national markets or partnering with national businesses they refer to the international rankings to better understand the quality of education of their new employees or partners. The EDUNIVERSAL ranking assures the quality of MIM’s degree, our programs, faculty, activities, etc. In other words, it proves that whether we are doing research or provide consultancy or conducting our regular classes we are producing quality results aligned with the internationally excepted standards of quality.

The EDUNIVERSAL recognition is important for our school community as well. It is the solid evidence of the fact that our alumni and community members are #1 as well.”