Regional Module in Odesa: Entrepreneurial Landscape

31 October 2018

On last weekend of October, pre-MBA Business and pre-MBA Business. Odesa students visited Odesa to experience regional business first-hand as a part of the joint module.

In the beginning, Mr. Dmytro Radulov, director of the Economic Policy and Strategic Planning of the Odesa Regional Administration was a keynote speaker at Management Café meeting. The participants discussed how to do business in the South of Ukraine. Special attention was paid to manufacturing, agricultural and service businesses. Dr. Vadym Saveliev, MIM’s professor, Iryna Nikitina, program’s administrator and representatives of the BST Consulting, MIM’s regional partner conducted the Café in Odesa.

Next day Aisberg Ltd. hosted the site visit and discussion. Aisberg has developed and manufactured refrigerated display cases for more than 30 years. So far it is one of the most successful niche businesses with the manufacturing facility occupancy rate of nearly 100% and 80% of output being exported. Customers’ list is similar to the list of top global retail and hospitality networks from more than 30 countries. “The Company’s strategy is about creating an unforgettable buying experience,” Dr. Vadym Saveliev said.

Ms. Daria Antonenko, deputy general director responsible for foreign business development hosted the discussion. Together MIM class worked on the case and presented their ideas about business development.

Next day the class visited the Odesa Sea Port, one of the largest ports in the Black Sea. MIM students toured the port and discussed its trading capacity with the port management.

Such visits become a part of the pre-MBA curriculum as not only they allow learning more about different businesses in Ukraine, but also bringing studies closer to life, honing consulting skills and demonstrating a wide range of business practices.