MIM’s MBA Are Back from their International Module in the US

27 June 2018

MIM’s MBA class 2019 is back from Pittsburgh. They successfully completed their international module organized and held by the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.

Traditionally the module’s curriculum falls into academic part and company visits. This time the academic portion included such hot topics as artificial intelligence & deep learning and cybersecurity. Mr. Zack Lipton, a faculty member of the CMU’s several schools who has worked for such companies as Amazon, Microsoft, etc. shared his experience and explained the fundamentals of the AI. Summer Fowler delivered a lecture on cybersecurity. The innovative courses were complemented by the traditional ones but with the cutting-edge twist. Dan Fogel, strategy professor presented a case on strategic management for the technology-based business which is well-known to the US academia. Julia Deems delivered a course in business communications and presentation. This course was very much in line with the Dr. David Krackhardt’s lecture on the nature of power in organizations. David Lamont, strategic management professor delivered a lecture on change management in addition to his role of the Global Management Game. Laura Synnot, professor of the Heinz College of Public Administration’s lecture on the American public health system was among the most discussed as Ukraine is now undergoing its healthcare system structural reform.

Company visits, another substantial portion of the international module not only showed how businesses operate in the US but also demonstrated how they survive and thrive in the transition period. Whether multinational GE or local #1 Cochran Motors car dealership, national Simon Group or statewide UPMS, small family Channel Craft Company or Bayer AG or ambitious Model Cleaners conquering other states markets all of them demonstrated the ability to accept and adopt new technologies, new approaches, and new techniques without losing their focus.

“International module is a good way to see what is coming in the Ukrainian market soon. New consumers’ trends, new technologies and new ways of doing business present serious challenge and international module helps to be prepared for them, Natalia Dankovich, the Head of the Program Administration.