MIM’s Programs Presentation

16 July 2018

In mid-July, the MIM business school presents its programs. As it has become a tradition, the special prices are valid until late July. For all, it is a great chance to make the best financial decisions.

Dr. Oleksiy Vynogradov, MIM’s vice president, Iryna Abramova, MBA student, and Vyacheslav Ognev, pre-MBA “Business” graduate joined their effort to tell potential students about the programs, faculty and what it means to be a member of the MIM community.

“MIM’s environment is special. The networking opportunities are much more than anyone can imagine. What is even more important, you have no other way but to develop,” Vyacheslav said. “Two of my classmates started the business together and it has been working for two years now which is an ultimate sign of success.”

“Teamwork is very important for MIM’s MBA. Global Management Game is a good example. It promotes soft skills and networking,” Iryna said. She also shared her impressions about the international module in the USA. In her opinion communications with American executives adds real value to the program.