New On-Line Course for Primary Care Physicians

11 September 2018

In early September, Tymofiy Badikov, chairman of the “Health Platform” non-governmental organization and Iryna Tykhomyrova, president of MIM Business School presented the online course for primary care physicians. The course [“Успішний #ЛікарПервинки”] is enrooted in the training for physicians developed and delivered by MIM earlier.

Contributing to the public health reform is MIM’s contribution to reforming the country. This project is a joint initiative of the “Health Platform” NGO, “Parents for Vaccination” NGO and MIM Business School and a part of the wider “Comprehensive Support of Primary Care Physicians” program. The course is aimed at helping healthcare professionals master the skills necessary to start their own private practices.

Prof. Tykhomyrova, MIM’s president said, “On-line course is the first step to an understanding of business by physicians.” She also said that the healthcare community was aware that attitude to patients had to change. Due to the public health reform, patients are turning into clients. Such situation requires the new set skills. Business schools are the place to master those skills.

The online course syllabus was developed on the basis of the program taught at MIM. The program covered marketing, legal and IT aspects of private medical practice.
Violetta Liyka, a family physician and course participant shared her experience with the course, “I acquired new knowledge and skills, got motivated and supported by the experts and course administrators.” She also mentioned that the course provides tools necessary for establishment and development of the private medical practice. “It took me two months to found my private practice. I’ve already applied to the license and is expecting to sign the agreement with the National Health Service of Ukraine soon,” Violetta said.
“We launched a unique program for those primary care physicians who want to establish their private practices,” Mr. Badikov said. “The program will help them to be a success.”