Seaside Session on Business Growth Drivers

02 October 2019

SE MBA class held its “Operational Drivers” module in the format of the on-site case at the seaside resort. There were several reasons for that. Firstly, Mr. Serhii Korin, SE MBA student is a co-owner of the Ruta Resort which hosted the module. Secondly, the Ruta case was the point of integrating of all module courses. Thirdly, it was what is called Velvet season in Ukraine or the time when the rush of high season is over but all the perks are in place.

For many students hospitality business is terra incognita so far. However, they actively participated in the discussion and contributed their vast managerial experience which they acquired in the wide variety of industries from carmakers to pharmaceuticals.

“MBA students often complain that professors do not refer to their particular industry. But to study business only with the help of examples from the own industry is a big mistake. Business education is valuable because of its comprehensive approach to business regardless of the goods or services offered or clients and markets targeted. When you study managerial peculiarities of the industries other than your own you generate ideas for yours,” said Myroslava Grodzinska, Head of Educational Department at MIM-Kyiv.

Sehgii Korin, the Ruta Family Club Hotel co-owner and SE MBA student:

- My colleagues offered to have a session at my hotel because I am from the hospitality business. Having classes at Ruta was a great idea and good business. We looked at how resort hotels are run and analyzed its business processes. My classmates gave me a lot of advice and praised what was good. Such positive feedbacks were also very valuable. In general, I like the idea of holding one or to modules outside the school.