Striking Life Balance: Popular Entrepreneur Advises

16 July 2018

Garik Korogodske, popular entrepreneur, patron of many good causes, and MIM's good friend talked to SE MBA students. In particular, MBA in PA program was his and MIM’s joint undertaking. Many program graduates are now successful public officials.

“I started to make money when I was a toddler. in a primary school I was selling chewing gum,” Garik shared his experience and his guiding principles which allowed him to reach financial and entrepreneurial successes.

He prefers to do business with his friends. “I’ve never had any good business projects without partners,” Garik told the audience. In his opinion making friends and having a good network is a key to successful business. “Ability to call any person and get an answer to my question is my most important asset,” he said.

Garik Korogodsky is from Kyiv. He studied in Moscow and lived in Israel. Garik is involved with such well-known projects as “Globus” shopping mall, Dream Town shopping mall, Aquarium fitness club, etc. He is ranked among 200 richest Ukrainians.