15 June 2021

As long as people or organizations are alive they face problems. If handled effectively those changes are rich in opportunities. Virginijus Kundrotas, VP for Adizes Institute and president of the BMDA (Baltic Management Development Association) discussed how to see and grab chances created by different stages of the organizational lifecycles with the SE MBA class. 

- Business people often think consultants to be selling something that their companies do not need. We at Adizes Institute believe that we are rather organizational physicians who offer integrated managerial tools to enhance corporate health.

- In my rather long career in academic business and especially in academia, I have seen people concentrating on some very narrow topic. They are encouraged to go in-depth. Synthesizing and making different elements work as one is a rarely found approach. Adizes methodology is one of the very few that are about comprehensiveness. 

- People often think that if they solve their pending problem they can relax. It is not so. Our decisions and implementation of those decisions generate changes.  The better we manage change, the more changes we create. 

- Darwin said that the most adaptable rather than the strongest survive. It is normal for a healthy organization to face problems. However, not knowing how to solve those problems is not. Not understanding the nature of problems is even worse. 

- As long as people are alive, changes exist regardless of our wishes. We always face problems because of changes and we have to make decisions. If we stop or even slow down our competitors are there to get ahead. What we can do is generate change and monitor the environment.