25 November 2020

On November 23, the official closing ceremony for the GNR.NEXT program took place.

The online program focused on social development was developed as MIM-Kyiv’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic caused changes. AMBA & BGA shortlisted it as one of the best programs in Business School Impact category.

Garik Korogodsky, MIM-Kyiv’s long-term friend and partner said: “When the lockdown was announced, I understood that we needed to adjust to the new lifestyle. That’s why I came to my friends at MIM-Kyiv. It took us 1 day to start doing the online program focused on social development. It was a novelty at that time and we did not quite understood what to expect. But thanks to Iryna Tykhomyrova’s efforts we are celebrating the graduation. We are happy to be recognized outside Ukraine as well. We are delighted to be shortlisted for business education Oscar! It is the first step on the long way.”

Iryna Tykhomyrova in her welcome to new MIM-Kyivs alumni said: “We understand that investing half a year in our program was a complicated decision for the early lockdown. We are happy to welcome you on you accomplishment. But it is rather a beginning of new stage of you lives.”

Traditionally, MIM-Kyiv had a competition of the final projects. 5 projects targeting children, senior citizens, women, environment, and culture were announced among the best.