23 March 2022

Ukraine has been at war for almost a month. After overcoming the initial shock, we are returning to doing business to keep the economy going. To help us stay strong Dr. Vsevolod Zelenin, MIM-Kyiv’s visiting professor, CEO for ZeleninLab, and an executive coach with more than 25 years of professional experience in the US, Canada, Israel, and Europe launches “MIM Toolbox” episodes aimed at emotional support of our community.
Here are the highlights of the “pilot”:
There are two ways of dealing with the current reality. You could perceive the war as a burden and thus ruin your mental health. You will need therapy to deal with PTSD. The other approach is to think of war as a challenge and a chance to lead and grow. Then you can grow stronger, more adaptive, and more adequate.
Stress often triggers psychological and physical development. However, the distress means that your challenge is more than you can manage. In this state you feel frustrated, you do not know what to do or start doing all the things at once and fail to accomplish anything. Thus, your psyche needs to reinforce to prevent distress.
When we read too much news, the line between reality and news feed blurs. We get stressed as a result. Unless you are at the combat zone you should limit reading the news to twice a day. It will help you to keep your routines.
To perform you need to allow your psyche time to rest. My clients often say that having a nap or going for a walk during the day helps. Create your new routine to foster your efficiency. We need it to do more.
If you suffer from panic attacks, go see a therapist. Many therapists are offering their services for free to those who suffered from combat. I strongly recommend addressing the issue because it is will not pass.
If you cannot participate in combat, participate in the economy and work. Running projects, making money, creating jobs, etc. are your contributions to strong Ukraine. If you are desperate, you are making the enemy strong. If you think that you can do something useful, start doing that. Some launched new projects in three weeks. Entrepreneurs are changing their priorities and approaches to business. We have to renew our activities outside the combat zones, support our volunteers and our Army.
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