22 July 2021

MIM-Kyiv community members discussed corporate vaccinations on MIM-TV. They shared similar experiences of well-organized vaccination teams and regulator’s failure to process applications properly, especially outside Kyiv and metropolitan areas. Companies with national operations report delays. Regardless of all the impediments, the vaccination campaign is in full action now.

All employers that launched corporate vaccination secure the safety of their teams. Some of the employers admitted one family member to their vaccination lists. On the one hand, vaccination was voluntary, on the other, all companies conducted internal public education campaigns. 

Representatives of large companies shared their experience in vaccination.

Tetiana Kipiani, head of the HR development and corporate communications department at the HR direction of Vodafone Ukraine:

3500 people work for our company throughout Ukraine. Unfortunately, the regulators could not keep up pace with us. We offer our employees the opportunity to have one family member vaccinated as a part of our campaign. We need the Pfizer vaccine because it is recognized in most countries. Such recognition is important for our numerous business trips. Fighting apocalyptical forecasts was critical for the staff morale. Thoroughly checked and information with healthcare professionals comments was the key to that. Our educational efforts were successful. 843 people applied in the first three days after the vaccination campaign started. 

Olena Masliy-Shyshova, HR director for IT.Integrator:

We also allowed our employees’ family members because people come back home from work. We also decided on Pfizer because of its efficacy, safety, and EU approvals of vaccines. Our corporate physician and health care coordinator advised us on the vaccines. We had two vaccination waves, the second one for those who could not make up their minds. So far most of our employees got vaccinated.  

Olena Kudrashova, director of the HR and Management Systems department of the Univest Marketing:

Our company joined the vaccination efforts from the very beginning. At first, not many of 480 employees were ready for vaccination. After the educational campaign 84 people started vaccination in July. We were surprised at how effectively the medical team worked. Each person was through all the procedures in 5 minutes. I’d like to draws your attention to the fact that one bottle contains 6 doses of vaccine. It means that if 1 person missed the vaccination 5 more cannot get their jabs.

Natalia Snimshchikova, HR director of the ACINO in CIS:

We used CoronaVac і Pfizer. Some of our employees who understand the medical and regulatory aspects of vaccination in-depth preferred Chinese, classical type vaccine. Safety and seamless operations regardless of the epidemic situation were our main concerns. We brought our employees from all over the country to Kyiv for vaccination. Nearly 40% of our people are being vaccinated. We allow family members as well. Our people value such an opportunity. The only fly in the ointment was the regulator’s delays. Nearly a quarter of our employees got disappointed and did not believe that we were able to provide for the vaccination. Our leadership team set an example by getting vaccinated. More people trust vaccines and are ready to get the jabs.

Serhiy Zubchenko, head of labor and fire safety department of Ukrposhta:

We allowed vaccination of family members as well. We faced challenges because our company is so scattered around the country. We collected people at some point and for the vaccination team and traced the location of all our outlets to help people get to the places where vaccination was implemented. We also provided authentic information via our internal channels such as mailing, social networks, etc. Unfortunately, the regulator is not promoting vaccination. It does not help companies that want to help their employees. 

Olena Gradovska, business development director of Sushia:

We started our vaccination efforts in Kyiv where we have 1100 employees. Our regional operations are coming next. Vaccination is not mandatory, some people need more time to make decisions. We are actively promoting the benefits of vaccination. We have to be very diplomatic because pressure demotivates people.