04 October 2021

MIM-Kyiv and ProBono Club, an organization that promotes non-commercial projects selected 5 out of 70 social initiatives to be advised by MIM-Kyiv MBA program participants. 

The shortlisted organizations and projects are:

- Horizontal Initiatives association with a project aimed at the access to ICUs and better interaction of physicians with patients and their families;

- Dyvo Hra, a social business that manufactures dialogue cards for people with speech disturbances;

- Starenki charity foundation that helps elderly people

- Green Box initiative and waste management inclusive enterprise

“We called this project MBA4НКО which means MBA for non-for-profit organizations. We believe it is a timely program. There are many organizations engaged in socially important initiatives and help disadvantaged groups. Most of them lack skills critical for institutional development. Here we can help and create the right synergy,” Oleksandr Sudarkin, MBA programs director explained. 

Unlike European countries where university students help social organizations within government-supported programs, it is the first project of that kind in Ukraine. Five new projects will hopefully launch a large-scale initiative. “Various organizations from all parts of Ukraine applied for the project. All of them were mostly interested in marketing, management, and finance skills. The civil sector requested communications competencies. Because of the access to the business-related expertise social enterprises were so interested in the project,” Anastasia Holub, communication manager of the ProBono Club said. 

MBA students selected their mentee teams. For two months they will be analyzing the current situation and key problems and develop their recommendations including the advice on finding the necessary resources.