30 August 2022

Army and civilians need support. Making the aid convenient and safe for benefactors were main drivers of the creation of the new platform Raise for Ukraine. It was established by Maksym Korolenko, co-founder of the Zagorye travel company and MIM-Kyiv SE MBA student. MIM-Kyiv is the partner of the project.

Maksym Korolenko decided to launch the platform when his international partners started asking him how they can contribute to Ukraine.

- At first, I was providing them with the NBU account details. Then I understood that they were asking me as a Ukrainian who they trusted and wanted to help in a more personalized way. That situation triggered creatin of a resource that would make the most out of the opportunities offered by the international companies on one hand. On the other hand, it will help us to make our professional networks assist our war efforts in the most efficient way. Our service Raise For Ukraine is designed to raise donations and improves communication to build and develop trust, Maksym Kovalenko explained during the MIM. Economic Front» episode.

The service uses CRM system that helps to keep track all donations and communicate with benefactors.

Organizations that help military units or engage in humanitarian initiatives and need financial assistance can join the platform. Maksym Kovalenko’s team established official charity organization with accounts that acts as a hub for the project. It makes all financial operations transparent and keeps records for benefactors’ future financial reporting. Besides, benefactors can choose the project they want to donate to.

- Such an approach enhance trust because people see the outcomes of their actions. We are elaborating the business processes that facilitate our communications with benefactors and providing them information about the projects they supported, Maksym Kovalenko added.

Zagorye is paying special attention to two main projects at the moment: support to one of the special operations unit and Territorial Social Support Center that help senior people from the temporarily occupied territories in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

The Raise For Ukraine is preparing for the offering advertising for companies or initiatives that require better representation. Teaching them to use all opportunities of the service is another important undertaking.

At this point, the program of assistance to women who fled Ukraine after the full-scale invasion is one of the priorities. This is MIM-Kyiv’s initiative.

To enter your initiative to the platform, use the contacts in the appropriate section of the Raise for Ukraine site.