04 October 2022

In June, MIM-Kyiv business school started the national project ReInforce.UA aimed at intellectual support of business and reinforcement of the national economy and preparation for the post-war revival. The September lectures were dedicated to leadership, economic development, and the role of innovations in the world. 

Andres Indset, a philosopher, and futurist focused on digitalization delivered the lecture “The Art of Being Wrong – The Path to Positive Progress”. In his lecture, he mentioned that Ukraine can trigger the global economic pivot. He mentioned that many Ukrainians believe in a better future and are interested in rekindling the economy, regardless of the fatigue caused by the coronavirus, lockdowns, and wars. He mentioned that Ukraine with its fighting spirit can inspire actions aimed at global economic revival and the emergence of a new economy. Financial and technological resources are available.  

Sanyin Siang, professor at Duke University (US) and recognized managerial thinker, and World’s #1 Executive Coach & Mentor discussed how leaders can make their people feel belonging in her lecture “How Leaders can Create Belonging through Purpose, Meaning, and Hope”. She believes that leaders should act on values to make people feel belonging. In her opinion, it is part of the social agreement and protects people from feeling internal default. 

Ruth Gothian, an expert in mentorship and leadership development, and Charles Camarda an astronaut, and experienced research engineer at NASA delivered joined presentation “Optimizing success: high achievers and high-performing teams”. They discussed leaders’ ability to trust experts, to accept failures and risks, and the psychological comfort and emotional component of leadership as well. Charles Camarda mentioned the unhealthy atmosphere at NASA at a certain point when people were pressed to be successful and fought each other. However, due to the leader of the mission, a female astronaut, and her high emotional intelligence the situation was amended. 

Mark Esposito, Professor of Business and Economics at Hult International Business School and Harvard University’s Division of Continuing Education and fourth industrial revolution ideologist discussed the role of digital technologies for the future of Ukraine in his lecture “The Great Remobilization: Navigating the next decade of profound transformation.” In particular, he mentioned that governments and large tech companies should cooperate. He said that like large food companies that had developed high safety standards, governments should develop governance standards enabling nations to think globally and act locally. 

Megan Reitz, professor of Leadership and Dialogue at Hult International Business School ranked among the Top50 global thinkers delivered “Speaking Truth to Power at Work”. In her opinion, it takes courage to speak the truth to the leaders. On the other hand, leaders should be ready to listen. Leaders’ impact other people and their ability to voice concerns or ideas. 


The next lecture will be held on October 5 at 6 pm Kyiv time. Alex Osterwalder, the author of business models employed by Google, Microsoft, IBM, etc. For more details and registration visit