02 August 2021

MIM-Kyiv has been representing Ukraine in the IMD’s competitiveness research since 2007. The number of participants has increased since. This year 64 nations were ranked. 

This year European countries are on the top. Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands hold the first four positions. Singapore. The leader of 2019 – 2020 went down to 5th. Innovations, digitalization, supportive public policy, and social cohesion were key success factors this year. 

“In 2021, Ukraine was ranked 54th. It is an improvement compared to 2017 when our country was ranked 60th. Digital ranking and World Talent ranking are part of the research. Ukraine holds 58th position in Digital and grew to 42nd in World Talent. The latter ranking shows how countries are recruiting, developing, and retaining skilled professionals that create value-added for the companies,” Volodymyr Danko, MIM-Kyiv professor of international finance said, competitiveness researcher, and Pre-MBA “Financial Management” program director.

Ukraine is facing the following challenges:

For more information about the Ranking visit: https://cutt.ly/SQkBFCi