08 December 2021

Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM-Kyiv’s president took part in a certificate awarding ceremony that was conducted at the Business Learning Center Tajikistan (BLCT). The newly established Center is one of the outcomes of MIM-Kyiv’s projects aimed at the development of business education in Tajikistan. The GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH) funded the project. In her welcome speech Prof. Tykhomyrova said:  

- I am delighted to welcome you here, at the BLCT which evolved due to MIM-Kyiv’s educational project. Your certificates prove that you acquired competencies critical for teaching cases and your completion of the Management Game. The case method developed by Harvard Business School, and Management Game simulation developed by the Tepper School of Business are powerful teaching tools. They are instrumental for your professional and personal development. We are proud to help you with mastering those very current skills. We are sure that you are ready to become a success as business trainers and teachers. 

She also wished successful educators’ careers to the new graduates and expressed her hope for the BLCT's bright future. 

Javokhirlal Muzzafari, executive director of the Tajinvest told that the BLCT promotion campaign is very active. Special activities are designed to target exporters’ communities and investors. 

- It was a challenging way towards the establishment of the educational institution. We are grateful to the MIM-Kyiv team who was visiting Tajikistan for eight months. Regardless of COVID, we followed our schedule supported by our partner with a highly skilled team, Mr. Muzaffari said. 

The MIM-Kyiv team developed and gave training materials, strategy, etc. to the BLCT. Achim Siegert, GIZ representative mentioned that the provided materials and documents will underpin future activities.