Future Studies Course at MIM

03 March 2018

On March 15 – 16, Christopher Cordey, MIM’s long-term visit professor delivered his new course on future studies to the SE MBA class 2017 - 2018.

He is a renowned expert in strategic foresight, transformation leadership, sustainable luxury and corporate sustainability. In particular, he teaches on future studies at such well-known places as the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, IRES, HEC Lausanne just to mention a few. In 2014 he co-authored “Heidi réveille-toi – La Suisse est-elle tombée dans les pièges du succès ?” a book, on the future of Switzerland, published at Editions Slatkine.

Future studies are currently one of the hottest topics as we are living in the extremely fast-changing world. Lack of resources, global structural economic changes, digitalization, artificial intelligence are the things which are currently shaping our lives. Business leaders have to anticipate future changes and make use of them. Olena Barska, “Truff Royal” chocolate company CEO explained why the course is relevant for the class, “Due to the mastered skills we got able to see the newest trends at home and abroad. Thus, we could adapt our strategies to grab the opportunities and avoid negative consequences.”