20 September 2022

Taking care of the emotions during the war is as important as taking care of the body. Vsevolod Zelenin, a certified business coach of the international category, CEO of ZeleninLab, and MIM-Kyiv permanent guest lecturer talked about 5 types of intellect that help to become a wartime leader.


Psychological resilience is like an immunity that helps us cope with seasonal colds. For resilient people, stress is rather a driver for further development rather than a burden. For example, such people even get excited when they work under the stress.

If you are a resilient person, you can lead others because you can inspire them. People start training their resilience after you. Not-so-resilient people complain about the war and crisis instead of keeping up. That may stale the business.

Some eople are born resilient, and also they can develop it like they can keep physically fit. Most people do not train psychos although it is possible.

Vsevolod Zelenin advises developing 5 intellects to become a true wartime leader. Here are the highlights of his presentation.

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. Even during the war people would better be fit, sleep enough, and eat healthily. Think about what you can do for your body to keep it in a good shape.

Emotional intelligence. People always worry about something. Try the “but” approach, e.g. “my relatives are in an occupied zone, but they are alive.” Stay positive because positive emotions are a kind of psychological vitamin.

Logical-mathematical intelligence. In simple words, stay smart, develop critical thinking, check different information sources, and resist manipulations.

Social intelligence. Socially intelligent people can look at the situation aside, stop before emotion overwhelm them, and make more rational decisions. They are also good at social interactions.

Spiritual intelligence. These people tackle the question of why we live or do certain things. Viktor Frankl, a well-known psychiatrist, and Holocaust survivor is a good example of the ability to find answers that help survive in the most inhuman conditions.

A person with all five types of intelligence balanced can develop and lead even in wartime. The more well-balanced leaders we have, the more chances we have to rebuild a strong country.

For more details check the record of the episode.