Prominent Ukrainian TV Person Speaks to Senior Executive MBA Class

10 December 2018

Mr. Andriy Kulykov, one of the most respected political TV hosts and chairman of the “Hromadske Radio”, the non-governmental radio news & talk radio stations and Internet media platform delivered a guest lecture to the SE MBA class. Guest lectures by prominent experts are part of the program’s curriculum and cover the hottest issues of doing business as well as sharing experiences.

The situation in the national media market and its main trends were in the focus of Mr. Kulykov’s lecture. He shared his knowledge of how journalism in Ukraine work and advised on the communication strategies which could help business owners and top executives prevent bad publicity. Mr. Kulykov’s more than 25 years of experience in media stirred a lot of interest in the audience.

“Rich and powerful and even media owners strongly believe in TV and seriously underestimate radio and its impact on the public sentiment,” Mr. Kulikov said. “When I was quitting the ICTV Mr. Victor Pinchuk, the owner had a discussion with me. He said that radio was not worthwhile the effort. It is the illusion which most of his alike live. I believe that words are more powerful than a TV picture.”

When talking about PR strategies, Mr. Kulykov strongly advised pro-active approach regardless of the bad or good news is pending. He is sure that talking to the media especially when having bad news may be very helpful.

“If companies are facing problems hiding them is in vain. But if you start the discussion rather than media people, it is perceived as taking the first step to mend things,” Mr. Kulykov explained. “It is pure psychology – if they are talking about it openly, they know how to fix it.”

Sharing experience among the peers is critical for SE MBA classes. That is why having high profile guest speakers ready to discuss things openly improves the program quality. In this capacity Mr. Kylykov joined Mr. Ivan Svitek, Chairman of the Management Board of the Ukrsotsbank and Mr. Sergei Mazur, General manager of Vitis Group (Ukrainian leading wine merchant).