Ukrainians Are Having More Sex and Alcohol

25 May 2020

That was Natalia Bukhalova, CEO of the UMG Marketing Agency, and MIM-Kyiv visit professor findings of the lockdown situation research. She discussed them at the online Marketing Café meeting

What were Ukrainians doing during the lockdown?

Different things. Some were watching TV shows, some were making the most of online studies. Some were depressed and some were planning for the fall.

Some were looking for the opportunities to make money, some were trying to wait through.

The research proved that we are having 4 segments with different behaviors.

Optimistic Snails: 34%

Lock down Takeaways

They understand that they can do very little so they continue what they were doing. They received a lot of free time for their hobbies, families and such useful things as online activities. They do not mind adding some fun by having some alcohol. They may be the only group which is planning for the future: “We’ll go to sea this fall!”

Who they are

First of all, they are women of 26-45, usual mothers of one or two. They usually live in their own one-family homes. Their income dropped from high to medium+ but their lifestyles are not affected.


Reflecting Bees: 25%

Lock down Takeaways

They had been reconsidering their lives and came to the conclusion that they worried too much about minor things. They were celebrating the moment. They were working even more than usual and were doing even more chores.

The “Bees” also increased their alcohol consumption “for better reflection”. The crisis showed them who are they can rely upon.

Who they are

Mostly they are young women under 35 who do not often socialize.


Depressed Lazybones: 24%

Lock down Takeaways

They were suffering because of lockdown restrictions. The reduction of their incomes from medium to low was especially painful, however, they did not even try to find additional income. They were watching movies and TV shows instead. They got angrier and their relationship with partners and children deteriorated regardless of some additional free time.

Who they are

They are mostly men over 36 living in apartments.


Tough Ants: 17%

Lock Down Takeaways

Lockdown did not change their lifestyles. They did not spend much time with their families and had no time for hobbies and entertainment. That’s why they managed to provide a financial buffer for the crisis period. They were thinking about the strategic outcomes of the outbreak and lockdown. They understood that the country may face the crisis, hryvnia devaluation, etc. It was the only segment that did not consume more alcohol than usual. 

Who they are

First of all, they are males of 36-45. Their income did not change during the lockdown, they went to work or did not follow the lockdown restrictions.


Do they have something in common? Yes!

- Have sex more often;

- Do not believe that lockdown will result in divorce;

- Pay less attention to politics;

- Convinced that faith is about the soul rather than church;

- Happy to be able to do practically everything online.


Which segment do you belong to?