New Cryptocurrency Course Launched for Financial Managers

11 March 2019

New ways to raise capital

Mr. Serhii Nevmyvanny, the World Bank consultant, successful entrepreneur and MIM’s graduate has launched the course which explains how to use cryptocurrency for raising capital.

“One of the latest global trends is to use cryptocurrency for funding business ventures,” Dr. Volodymyr Danko, the academic director of the Financial Management PMD program says. “This course focuses on the economic and financial aspects of cryptocurrencies rather than on the technicalities.”

“How to raise capital is the question of questions for many financiers in Ukraine. The cryptocurrencies may be a good answer to this question, especially here, in Ukraine. Unfortunately, many classical instruments such as credits or leasing do not work in Ukraine,” Volodymyr explains.

“The new course covers the fundamentals of this newest asset class. It also about theory, cryptocurrency financial markets, and the legal framework of cryptocurrency operations,” Mr. Nevmyvanny says. Special attention is paid to the role of cryptocurrency for investment activities. The theoretic part of the course is complemented by the living cases.