05 July 2022

MIM-Kyiv’s special program Crafting Business Makers School – CBMS is back on track against all odds. The program is a joint undertaking of the school and the Handicraft Chamber of Ukraine. MIM-Kyiv representatives spoke about the program at the second international Crafting Business Seminar organized by Creative Europe.

- We launched our program on February 15, 2022. Our second module was scheduled for February 26 but the war changed our lives forever. We are sorry for Iryna Tsvila, one of our students. She died on the second day of the war when she participated in the defense of Kyiv. Some of our students were forced to close their businesses. However, when we were discussing the program, we understood that we all were missing learning and networking. Our students are ready to move on and need new knowledge and skills for that, Iryna Nikitina, CBMS program administrator.

To meet the new challenges, the program was updated. Both the curriculum and schedule were altered to better suit the wartime priorities. Regardless of all changes, the students are expected to make business plans for their businesses. They still have some time till late September!