SE MBA Are Back from the International Module

10 May 2017

This year SE MBA class visited Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) in Johannesburg and University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) in Cape Town, two top South African schools. Bringing together the experience of the economic and cultural hubs was critical for better understanding of the African business economic, political and social landscape.

Traditionally, the program fell into academic and practical constituents. Johannesburg’s leg was very much business-oriented which is only logical as it is the business center of the South Africa. Visits to distribution center of the Woolworth, one of the leading retailers in South Africa and Johannesburg Stock Exchange showed how the leaders with the new sets of competencies run their businesses under in the disrupted world and how leadership and management can adapt to those new conditions.

Woolworth Distribution Center is an international retailer. Leaders of the distribution center demonstrated how client-orientation, the key feature of the Company’s strategy is implemented on the all levels of the Company’s operations. E.g. half empty trucks is a normal situation in the company because it is critical to provide clients with what they need and how many they need. However, because of such accuracy, the Company secures loyalty and volumes of its sales. Woolworth’s capitalization of the US$ 7 bln confirms correctness of the chosen strategy.

Johannesburg Stock Exchange – is prominent African stock exchange. It is known for its interest to environmental and sustainable development issues. In particular, sustainable development is a part of the listing requirements.

USB part was very much academically oriented. Sustainable development strategies, value based leadership, “glocal” approaches to marketing and management and tourism were the focal points of the classes.