Ad-Hoc Communications in Virtual Learning Environment: Still Human

04 December 2020

MIM-Kyiv faculty are always exchanging their experiences and ideas with their peers from different countries. Oleksandr Sudarkin, director of pre-MBA “Management and Leadership” delivered a presentation at the 5-day long conference “Online Educa Berlin 2020” among other 100 speakers from all over the world.

In his “How to Create Ad-Hoc Communication in a Virtual Learning Environment” Oleksandr shared his experience of facilitating discussions when teaching online. Making communications smooth, remaining social, and networking in the virtual world is a challenge. It is especially true for business-education where those elements are critical for the learning experience.

“Offline, when I see students discussing what I have just said, I feel that I did a good job. It means that they are analyzing and are making those things their own. Off-line gives us all the opportunities for immediate communications. Online impedes those immediate interactions. Lack of immediate human interactions is arguable the worst thing about all the online”, – Oleksandr said.

Oleksandr shared his recipe and toolbox for ad hoc communications. Using chats, breakup rooms, games, and group mini-projects are facilitating communications. “Although Covid ruined our beloved ad hoc communications, it gave us a chance to develop the new way of socializing”, – Oleksandr believes.