17 December 2021

Vyacheslav Pokotylo, MIM-Kyiv professor of the strategy took part in this year's Microeconomics of Competitiveness (MOC) online conference. Resilience and sustainability were the main themes of the event. 

The global agenda has shaped the agenda of the conference since Michael Porter founded the MOC Network. For example, in 2020, the participants were discussing public health. 

Mohamed Irfaan Ali, the President of Guyana delivered a presentation on challenges resulting from the shale oil reserve exploration. Putting the country on the right path and making it resilient and sustainable with the proceeds from those reserves are the objectives. Experts’ team headed by Michael Porter develops the national strategy. The team is working in Guyana because accounting for all aspects of the country’s development with a special focus on environmental issues, preserving the forest in particular. Even several years ago such discussion was not appreciated. GDP growth indices were enough for decision-making. Nowadays it is clear that resilience та sustainability could not be reached through the GDP growth only. 

Susan Helper, the White House economist talked about global labor distribution, in particular concentrating all manufacturing in China. The current chip shortages when one Chinese company makes nearly 100% of chips has already resulted in a crisis. 

Knowledge delivery is a special section of the conference. Due to the discussion, the MOC course evolves and gets richer and more relevant. For MIM-Kyiv participation in the MOC means staying current on the latest economic, social, and environmental trends that shape the domestic and global business landscape.