17 August 2021

Svitlana Karavan, who took pre-MBA “Marketing” and pre-MBA “Management of Business Processes” calls MIM-Kyiv her inspiration and recharging place. She is in charge of R&D projects at Medipromtech LLC. When studying at MIM-Kyiv she launched her cosmetics line. 

How did learn about MIM-Kyiv?

By chance. Five years ago I registered for the EU seminar hosted by MIM-Kyiv. I felt at home here from the very first moment. That’s why I returned to business school as a student. 

Why you decided on taking MIM-Kyiv’s programs?

My background is in chemistry. I participated in the development of products ranging from household chemicals to cosmetics. At a certain point, I understood that if I want to develop my own product that people would want to buy I lack knowledge. So, I took Pre-MBA “Marketing” program. There I learned how to work with customers to make the product for them. After that, I wanted to understand how to manage manufacturing effectively. So, I decided on pre-MBA “Management of Business Processes”. I was fascinated by the faculty’s knowledge and delivery of the program. We all made friends with our professors. 

You told us off the record that some people tried to argue you out of the business education. However, you proved to be an example of the opposite. 

- Most business education opponents say that if you want to learn to do something all you need is clear goals. They say that everything depends on you and it does not matter where you are studying. There are numerous free webinars, courses, and books. I started with those resources. In three months my head was nearly breaking and I needed some system if I want to apply that knowledge. I couldn’t do it myself. 

Other people said that business education is not universal. MIM-Kyiv’s curriculum, handouts, delivery is very different from our traditional university practices. MIM-Kyiv triggers your thinking and your creativity. 

Was it MIM-Kyiv that inspired you to launch your cosmetics line?

I can work with any product, but my heart is with high-tech. My daughter inspired me to create cosmetics for teenagers. That was how my line “Я.так” started. That was how I started working in my dream area. As with MIM-Kyiv, I got to the right place at the right time. 

Does your daughter help you with the business?

When we launched the line for teenagers, it was an experiment. I wanted her and her friends to promote the line, but they were not ready. 

Once I took my daughter to sMIM-Kyiv and since then she has been dreaming of studying here when the time is right. Together with other parents, we started the project “We, our kids and our businesses” to prepare our children for adult life. We hope to encourage them to develop and study. And that brings us to investing in ourselves. Many people try to identify the best investments. My advice is to invest in personal development and see how your life changes. I am absolutely satisfied with my investments – I apply everything I’d learned in MIM-Kyiv.