12 November 2021

Taras Kyrychenko, Nova Poshta board member, СЕО Club Ukraine and Ukrainska Pravda (Ukrainian Truth) Editor’s Club, and MIM-Kyiv MBA discussed investments during the open meeting of MIM-Kyiv community.

His main points were:

- Many entrepreneurs neglect the creation of their businesses value. They wrongly believe it has no monetary one. It is quite a paradox when people are committing to their businesses very much like bringing up their children. With such an effort you’d better pay serious attention to its monetary value. 

- Invest because money must work. Having 10% - 20% in liquidity is OK. All the rest is worth investing in diversified assets. If you have only a hundred thousand, education and a network of connections are the best investment for you. You’ll get the return on those investments in five years. If you have a million, invest in diversified assets, 15% - 20% in each. Do not limit yourself by geography and have a 10% return on your portfolio. 

- I trust the Ukrainian stock exchange. In my opinion, it is an underestimated asset. Firstly, other instruments' returns are reducing. Secondly, due to IT, you could buy and sell securities on the smartphone. Today it takes more effort to use financial instruments than the return they generate. I think that in a year or two the fintech will offer convenient products. 

- Time is precious. You can’t buy it. For me it is not a resource, it is part of me. 

- Our society does not trust the state. We are having wonderful conditions for doing business. It is much easier here than say in Spain or Italy.