29 March 2021

On March 29, MIM-Kyiv started special programs for the representatives of the Export Agency of Tajikistan and the State Unitary Enterprise (SUE) Tajinvest in Dushanbe.   

The modular programs are aimed at developing the skills instrumental of both doing business and training business people who are raising investments for Tajikistan.

Tajinvest is the agency that promotes business development and investment. The team led by Khurshed Mirzo strongly believes that improving the business environment is the best way to attract investors.

“By doing Corporate Governance program we are preparing trainers who will disseminate their knowledge among the entrepreneurs and regulators. We are going not only to cover the corporate governance fundamentals but to teach them the latest delivery methods. We were lucky to have the International Management institute MIM-Kyiv, the best school in the former USSR, for our "Training the Trainers" project. Because of that, we are acquiring the best expertise that is confirmed by MIM-Kyiv international certificates to our program participants. Upon graduation, they will be able to enhance investment and business climate. We believe this program is an investment with a high rate of return. Our highly skilled trainers able to teach our entrepreneurs are the best return on investment,” Javokhirlal Muzaffari, Tajinvest’s managing director said. 

“We are proud that the GIZ and Tajinvest addressed MIM-Kyiv for these programs. We are doing our best to share everything we know. The latest technologies that MIM-Kyiv applies make the learning experience truly unique. We are privileged to cooperate with Tajikistan because we are here to teach and learn. We are working together on creating new approaches to export and attracting investments,” Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM-Kyiv President said in her welcome during the online opening of the program. 

MIM-Kyiv's teaching team consists of its prominent professors and Tetiana Miskova, the CEO of the Export Promotion Agency of Ukraine. Her contribution to cooperation with the ministries and embassies of different countries and on the newest digital instruments promoting exports developed by the Ministry of the Digital Transformation of Ukraine is very much appreciated by the program participants.

Program participants in Tajikistan mentioned that they were looking forward to learning from MIM-Kyiv. Shavkat Bobozoda, the program participant said that they were especially interested in digital instruments, their application, and the creation of the digital export platform. He also said that due to the program they are going to develop proposals for the Export Agency of Tajikistan and discussed the trading opportunities for both Tajikistan and Ukraine.