25 July 2018

Annual MIM Alumni Forum 2018 was held in the third weekend in July. Several hundred alumni and students participated in three-day event. This year program featured sessions on future trends delivered by well-known entrepreneurs, executives, and experts.

“We have to change fast. Life-long learning is mandatory for all those who want to be marketable even in the short-term perspective. Therefore MIM’s learning environment support is one of our priorities. During our Forums not only we are keeping track of managerial e/revolution but also try to help participants master them. We are very much in edutainment because it inspires learning and promotes networking,” Daria Manzharova, Alumni relations director said.

Networking opportunities are yet another important element of MIM’s alumni forums. “Alumni Forum is nor about lectures, classes, and speakers, although usually brilliant ones. It is about behind the stage communication which is more than mere forging ties. It is about making friends, mutual support, and reset and changing gears,” Olena Potienko, marketing person from VGP 2011 and 2016 PMD programs graduate said.

“This event is regular and it remains current,” Denys Vinnyck, managing partner of the Legal Consulting Center and MIM’s MBA 2016 mentioned. “For me, it is a chance to check my up-to-dateness. Communicating with so many remarkable people helps to stay on the cutting edge.”

This year program featured a number of experts. David Brown, the CEO of the TemplateMonster , Oleksandr Kardakov, Chairman of the “Octava Capital” and MIM’s graduate, Serhiy Gaiday, political strategist, founder of the Gaiday.com company, Andriy Pyshnyy , chairman of the Public Joint Stock Company “State Savings Bank of Ukraine, Valeriy Varenytsia, the commercial director at Sales House "Pluses" (1+1 media) , Sufi Zarey Garunts, just to mention a few.

“I was surprised at the format of the event,” Andriy Pyshnyy shared his experience about the Forum. It is more than a mere alumni meeting when people gather together, do some talking and that's it. It was a true forum when people socialize, dine and wine, learn and generate new knowledge. It is a weekend of those who share the language. I was even jealous at a certain point as many of the participants were of my age.”

Oleksandr Podolyak, CEO of the CitiGrand furniture engineering firm and MBA 2017 said, “Learning new things and people is very important to me. That is why I have participated in the previous Forum, and will participate in the next one. It is going to be the 30th anniversary. It must be exciting.”

Oleh Korikov, Enrgoatom’s investments director and MIM’s MBA 1999 is sure that MIM’s inspired friendships are time-proofed. He visited this Forum in search of inspiration which is only possible in the atmosphere of openness. “You cannot find such and free and open spirit as here,” he said.

The MIM Business School expresses its deep gratitude “Farmers’ Milk”, LEZO, “Eurosouvenier”, “Kraina”, and AB InBev Efes Ukraine for sponsoring the Forum.