International Coaching Week Visits Kyiv

22 May 2017

On May 19 MIM-Kyiv hosted one of the days of the International Coaching Week. Anna Drahomyreska, Erickson College International certified coach, Lilia Luts, ICF coach and NLP practitioner, Lidia Radichi-Shpakovska, certified ICF coach, PPC and NLP practitioner, and Vladyslav Moroz, Erickson College International certified coach, ICF member, and MIM’s MBA participated in the event. Alina Kravchenko, ICF Ukraine CEO opened the conference by informing everyone that Ukraine has become a full-fledged member of the International Coach Federation, ICF. It is important because the ICF sets professional and ethical standards, accredits curriculums and conducts professional certification. The organization has 27,000 members in 120 outlets worldwide.

The speakers covered all aspects of professional and personal development. Vladyslav paid attention to personal development enrooted in the personalities’ strengths. Lidia focused on the application of coaching to running organizations. Lilia covered myths and realities of Laloux’s next stage organizations, and Anna explained how to deal with professional burn-outs. The event was finished by the demo coach session.