CEEMAN-Supported Cooperation for Leadership, Innovation and Internationalization Development

26 April 2016

Leadership, innovation and internationalization are drivers of growth for the MIM-Kyiv, Ukraine’s business education leader. That is why cooperation with CEEMAN with its relevant global networking opportunities the excellent fit of schools, professors, students, employers and other industry’s stakeholders on the global scale has been very valuable for the MIM- Kyiv.

CEEMAN network made possible inviting Dr. Zoltan Buzady, Associate Professor of Management at CEU Business School and winner of the CEEMAN case-writing competition first prize 2014 to deliver his highly innovative Leadership Development Course at MIM-Kyiv to the class of the MBA in Public Administration. The course, an innovative computer game complemented the MBA in PA curriculum. Hopefully, other classes also benefit from MIM-Kyiv’s cooperation with Zoltan.

Good leadership is critical for Ukraine as it is going through fundamental changes. Thus, the program in leadership development blending theory with practice, applying rigor and remaining relevant was of particular interest for people who will shape the future of the country. It is an accurate characteristic of the young entrepreneurial-minded and critical class of MBA in PA who all have very divergent professions and backgrounds, but all high potentials for future social and economic changes in their country.

MBA in PA class learned and practiced the concept of "Flow-Leadership" based on the innovative concept of the flow, a core idea of positive psychology which was discovered Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Flow is the mental state described as "being in the Zone or in Flow". Such state leads to outstanding performance, creativity and thus to individuals' happiness. Good leaders should aim to achieve great results – but simultaneously at various levels: of an individual(s), of a team, the whole organization and even within the broader society.

The serious concept was packaged as a computer game, a sort of "edutainment", that is a healthy blend of theory, practice and fun. This particular simulation is located at the intersection of world of grounded, academic theory, applied learning and the latest of modern (video) games. This unique blend makes learning so attractive, that even the most hard-pressed course participants experience intense 'Learning Flow' and get fully immersed. It is a successful extension of the classic and well-proven case-based teaching method into the modern, on-line media platform.

New technologies generate innovations in both educational content and delivery. CEEMAN’s ecosystem fosters such innovations and makes sharing the leading-edge management education content with particular relevance to emerging countries across our institutional and national borders possible.